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You are an adventurer! You set out to explore your passions and talents. And you discovered a new land… You may call yourself a freelancer, self-employed, independent worker… To us you are a solopreneur! You value your independence; You put your talent forth to service others... To us you are your business! Knowledge Collaboratory is your professional home. We help your succeed by providing all that you need to manage your talent as a business.
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New economy, New work rules. Working Solo should not mean being alone. Thrive with our community and resources.

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Just like every other business you need your space, where you can work productively, hold your business meetings and interact with collaborators. We have this space ready for you!

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We are part of your team. We see the big picture and help you clarify your vision, align your goals and do some business planning. Your business needs it!

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You are not alone in your solo venture. Give your talent a business makeover.
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Knowledge Collaboratory is your professional home.
We help you manage your talent as a business.

KNOWLEDGE COLLABORATORY is a physical and virtual space offering a powerful community of collaboration and exchange, training opportunities and business resources, a coworking space and consulting services. It is the go-to place for every adventurous person who takes the unconventional road of making a life venturing solo based on their talents and who care to join forces with their likes to enhance their confidence, professionalism, and career status.


To provide a home where solopreneurs can find the community and resources they need to break their isolation and manage their talent as a business. We believe that going solo is a viable career path that can make a person flourish if done out of choice, confidence and conviction.

  • We share, exchange and challenge each other. That’s how we encourage each other’s growth and success.

  • We are in this together. We are part of this team and support each other. We become better because we don’t have to go this road isolated and alone.

  • Our individual power lies in what makes each one of us unique. We do what we love by choice and conviction.

  • We are adventurous self-starters and settle for no less than doing our best. We are in business and we expect mutual respect and mutual benefit.


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Be part of the Knowledge! Join the Collaboratory!

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